About Us

Real Konkan Cashews (RKC) is an initiative supported by Swades Foundation, an NGO that is working in the Raigad district since many years with a goal of empowering rural lives. KAC was conceived with the sole purpose of enabling a livelihood means to the marginal farmers and creating entrepreneurs out of them. Over 100 households are currently engaged with RKC and each of them have gone through an extensive training and handholding process to undertake cashew processing. Every household undergoes a due diligence process before they are engaged with RKC.

Contact us at orders@swadesfoundation.org or +91 6300501883

Refunds Policy

If for any reason an order is cancelled or requiring a refund it will credited to customer account within 30 days from the transaction date or date of request for refund, whichever is later.


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